At Wayfield Primary School, being able to read is considered a key skill that all children should acquire. Children encounter the skills of reading at the school in a number of ways in order to develop their retrieval skills and ability to comprehend and respond to the text, as well as developing their critical reading and prediction skills. Furthermore, children have the opportunity to read and be read to throughout the day. They are encouraged to talk about their books and their reading preferences. 

Phonics is taught throughout the school to develop the children’s ability to decode words. This is done through stand alone sessions every day, based on the Read Write Inc programme. The children rehearse and practice skills, combined with opportunities to apply their phonic knowledge during reading. Children are regularly assessed to establish their level of phonic knowledge and are grouped accordingly so that they can access the structured system and build upon their current skill level. Guidance on the key sounds your child will be taught and for a demonstration of the phonic sounds we teach, please click on the following link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J2Ddf_0Om8&safe=active