All snacks provided for the children within the Early Years Unit will be healthy and nutritious.  We do promote healthy eating and drinking in the unit. Snacks will be light consisting mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables, etc. A drink of fresh water/milk will be offered with snacks.  Fresh drinking water is available all day to the children.

Children in Cherry will be able to register with Cool Milk to receive free milk daily until their 5th birthday.  Parents/carers can then choose to pay for their child to continue to receive milk for the rest of the school year for snack time.  A form needs to be completed and returned to Cool Milk to set this up for each child.  Water will always be provided in each room for children to access.  Children in Cherry will receive a piece of fruit/vegetable each day for snack time through the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

Children in Cherry can have a nutritious meal cooked on site in the school kitchens.  If parents/carers provide a packed lunch we do ask them to ensure that the contents are healthy, (this means no sweets or chocolate or fizzy drinks.)  We do offer free school meals for children in Cherry so please ask at the main office if you think you may be eligible.