Child Illness

If the staff in the Early Years Unit feel that a child is not well enough to cope with their session we will contact a parent/carer to collect their child.  Children with an infectious illness or who develop one will need to be collected too.  Children who have had a bout of sickness or diahorrea are asked not to return to the unit for 48 hours from the last episode to ensure they have recovered properly.

We ask parents/carers to be vigilant and regularly check their children’s hair for nits/headlice.  If found the child/family need to be treated as soon as possible and the Early Years Unit informed.  For information on treated nits/headlice please as at your local pharmacy or speak to a member of staff.



Staff in the Early Years Unit will act as loco parentis so that we can offer a reasonable level of health care.  If your child is on any medication which has to be administered while attending the unit, you must complete a medicine consent form giving instructions on times and dosage of each course of medication. Medication can only be administered to children by the staff if it has been prescribed by a health professional. 

If your child has been prescribed antibiotics, we ask you to keep the child at home for the first 48 hours to ensure the wellbeing of your child and the other children in the unit. All medication must have the child’s name clearly written on the label, this will be administered by staff in the Early Years Unit, in accordance with a health professional’s recommendation, subject to completion of an ‘administering of medication form’, for each medication. 



Wayfield Children’s Centre operates a strict ‘no-smoking’ policy on the premises.  There is no exception to this rule.