We endeavour to make Wayfield Early Years Unit a safe and healthy environment for all staff and children.  Daily checks are taken of the interior of the rooms and also the outside area.  Any area identified will be dealt with immediately. A thorough risk assessment is reviewed annually or as the need arises. Following Medway Council’s policy, we ask that NO JEWELLERY is to be worn by children who attend the Unit.

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately so that they are able to access all the activities and resources provided in the Early Years Unit.  This will include appropriate outdoor weather clothes i.e. sun hats, wellington boots, gloves, hats, sensible summer shoes etc.

In conjunction with our play policy, we will not restrict children from accessing any activity or resource.  Some of our activities are considered “messy” or “wet” but these types of sensory play are vital for a child’s development. We ask that parents and carers name everything so that we can return clothes etc to their correct owners.


Fire Procedure

A copy of our Fire Procedure is located within the ‘Policies and Procedures’ folder, and fire plans are located in every room We have an evacuation practice at least every six weeks and this is recorded in a fire drill record book.  When an evacuation practice has taken place, we will inform the parents/carers.


Wayfield Children’s Centre/Early Years Unit – Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures are available to parents/carers.  These are in the Policies and Procedures folder located in the Early Years Unit and in the Main Office area.